Hey! An Interruption Tracker for Mac users

"Hey! I've got a question."
"Hey can you take a look at this?"
"Hey, did you finish that thing?"

Sound familiar?

Interested in tracking just how many times you're interrupted and by who?

Well hey, maybe Hey! is the tool for you.

When someone walks up to you and starts talking, breaks your concentration with yet another slack message, or diety forbid, actually calls your phone...just type hey <person's name> on the command line.

That's it. An entry in a local db will be created for the event, who did it, and when it happened.

Want to start tracking _why_ people are interrupting you? After the interruption you can, optionally, list and tag the events, leave a note, or generate reports graphing all your past interruptions.

Track it for long enough and patterns are sure to emerge. Maybe you'll find that a little documentation could save you hours a week. Maybe you'll find that one person that's devouring more time than anyone else and discuss a better way to handle things.


So far, we've got 2 reports, with more on the way:

First, a stacked bar chart showing interruptions, by person, by hour since yesterday at midnight. You can check out an example of it here.

To invoke it just type hey graph people-by-hour

Second, we've got the old school command line report that looks like this:

Recent interrupts: Chronological order
Starting at midnight yesterday. 

ID | Who       | When                 | Tags
2. | Bob, Mary | 4/12/17 14:23        | meeting, scheduled
3. | Bob       | 4/12/17 14:26        |
4. | Sam       | 4/12/17 16:11        | question 
5. | Mary      | 4/12/18 09:22        | task list

To invoke that just type hey graph


How do I use it?

That's detailed on the usage page

How Much?

It's free!

Why not a GUI app?

Actually, I've got one all sketched out. I even paid someone else to write it, but they turned out to be incompetent and never gave me any working code despite going over budget.

So, I'll get there eventually, but in the meantime I needed to throw something together quickly that I could use to get a handle on my constant stream of interruptions, and this was something I could through together "quickly". Unfortunately it's turned into a surprisingly deep rabbit-hole where I say "oh, I could just add this one little thing." far too many times.


HEY! Sorry to interrupt your impending installation...

But there's a bug with the install script. I'm working on it. Please either message me on twitter (@masukomi) or sign up for the announcements mailing list and I'll let you know when it's ready.

Mac Users

You can download the latest version here.
Open that up and follow the instructions in the README.md
NOTE: it appears you must have Chicken Scheme installed. My apologies for this. I'm trying to work around it. Geeks can install it with brew install chicken

Geeks On Other Platforms

Hey is written in Chicken Scheme, which generates standard C files. As a result, you should be able to compile it on most systems. Once you've got Chicken Scheme installed, try running the

Everyone Else

Sorry, this is a free, open source project made in stolen moments. If you'd like to see your system supported... Find a friendly neighborhood geek who likes Scheme and convince them to contribute.

Source Code

Hey! is an open source app written in Chicken Scheme. You can find the source code on GitHub. Pull requests are happily accepted.